General Machines

As an ideal supplier of industrial equipment for large textile factories, General Machines offers a wide range of machines dedicated to sewing, embroidery and other textile industry maneuvers.

About us

Leader in the textile machinery market, General Machines also offers spare parts from all brands and a price range that is the least expensive in Tunisia. In activity since 2007, General Machines has managed to supply more than 300 factories while meeting their needs in sewing, embroidery, cutting, screen printing, ironing, consumables, etc.

If you want to enrich the equipment of your textile factory and get high-performance industrial machines that will help you perfect your most complex operations, go to our showrooms!

A varied collection of industrial machinery is waiting for you, signed by major international brands.

Exclusive brands of industrial machinery

JACK, TYPICAL, SUPREME, OSHIMA, FEIYA, TRANSMATIC, COLTEX and many other big names make up the exclusive list of international brands of our industrial sewing and embroidery machines!

Indeed, General Machines is your only supplier in Tunisia for machines that will bring a touch of originality to your manufactured pieces. Whether you want to perfect the sewing of your pieces, use original decorating techniques, produce creative patterns ... No need to look elsewhere; General Machines is the provider who has thought of everything for you!

Spare parts for all your repairs

Are you looking to get rid of many of your sewing machines, only because of some deficient pieces in them? With General Machines you will change your mind!

Concerned about the durability of your material, we offer spare parts compatible with your textile-manufacturing machine whatever the brand. Obviously, mishandling or frequent use of machinery can cause partial equipment failure.

Thus and in order to guarantee the efficiency of your machinery as long as possible, we offer a collection of spare parts that will meet your equipment needs.

Why choose us?

To pay less on all machine brands

With General Machines, you can benefit from the performance of industrial machinery from leading international brands at reasonable prices! Indeed, we offer the cheapest prices in Tunisia to provide professionals with easier access to equipment that will make the difference in their textile factory.

To benefit from a free demonstration

Committed to our values of transparency and credibility, we strive to offer our customers a pleasant and satisfying shopping experience. Not only do we guide you in choosing the right equipment for your activity, we also allow you to visualize the functioning of the machine and check the nature of its production.

Thus, you will be sure to have acquired the equipment that perfectly meets the requirements of your textile fabrication factory.

To have your items delivered to your doors free of charge

In order to offer you the best of our services, the General Machines team offers a free delivery service. Indeed, we ensure that the transport of your acquired machines to your factory is done in the right conditions.

Taking the necessary safety measures, we guarantee that your machines are in perfect state at the time of delivery and that they are ready to start.

To take advantage of one-year warranty and a tailor-made service

Because the quality of our equipment is irreproachable, we offer one-year warranty on all our machines in addition to a tailor-made after-sales service. We remain at your disposal for any exchange, troubleshooting and maintenance of your equipment while ensuring the intervention as soon as possible.